» Unmet Expectations

Okay so my headcanon is now that Korra was expecting Mako to spin her around like he always does when she hugs him and this is a fic that starts with that, set when they were on the boat, right after they hugged. 

Korra pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes. The moonlight was making them even more luminous than usual. Mako swallowed hard. They were alone. They had a few minutes. Now should be the time. 

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(I fell asleep :3) With an ominous thud, the slab of rock was set in place, blocking both her exit route and her only source of light. Stuck between what felt like an attempt at a flying stick and two fluffy coats, Korra reached out blindly, hoping to find something solid. She touched it alright. A very hard muscle that flinched away on contact. Mako. The first time she'd touched him since their break up and of course it had to be her weakness. His goddamn arms. She opened her mouth to speak and

yes mako’s arms are my weakness too MORE PLEASE

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The door slammed open, jerking Korra out of a sadistic fantasy of watching Bo cry over the remains of a fur vest. Looking up, she squinted at a familiar silhouette. As her eyes trailed along the muscles she recognized and up to the face that had haunted her dreams for the past week, a gasp caught in her throat and she scrambled to her feet. Her only exit was blocked; she couldn't see how it could get worse. Then Bo pushed Mako into the closet and brought a slab of rock to cover it. She was wrong


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Mako's eyebrow twitched. "You want me. To go get you a blanket. WHEN I'M OBVIOUSLY BUSY" His glare did nothing to Bolin, who gave him the puppy dog face. "I'm not a firebender, I can't keep myself warm." Mako attempted to control his temper. He sighed and rubbed his head. "At least tell me where's the closet?" Bolin gave him a grin and pointed down the hall. Towards the closet inside which Korra sat, mulling about which way to kill Bolin. Shredding his prized Nuktuk outfit seemed to be winning.


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Ignoring Korra's protests, Bolin dragged her into the hallway. He could feel Mako's jealous glare on his back and an evil grin made its way onto his face."Bolin, let me go! I need to talk to Tenzin!" Bolin found a sliding closet door and forced Korra into it. "Really? Because it looked like you needed to shoot lasers at Asami" Korra pursed her lips and hmph'd. And then he shut the door in her face. The bangs on the door didn't compare with the mission impossible theme in Bolin's head. "Oh Makoo"

BAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god imagine varrick making an avatar mission impossible mover starring bolin CONTINUE i gotta tag this

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Korra crossed her arms and slouched down into her chair. She could see Mako and Asami having a conversation in the corner and as much as she wanted to deny it, she really wanted to know what they were saying. Her mouth started to open as she squinted, trying to read their lips. "A banana worms the turtledog" That couldn't be right. In her concentration, she didn't notice a looming presence until a green coat blocked her view of Mako. She looked up to see an amused Bolin and grinned sheepishly.

omg a banana worms a turtledog KEEP GOING

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Bolin knew, from the way Korra refused to look at Mako and the way Mako's eyes seem to follow Korra's every move like a moth to the light, what his new role would be. MATCHMAKER SUPREME. He mentally punched the air. He may have actually punched the air. Korra raised an eyebrow at him and he chuckled awkwardly, scratching his head. His mind was already swirling with ideas. Should he try the locked-in-a-closet one? Or the write-a-note one? Tenzin looked on, concerned with Bolin's girlish giggling

LOCKED IN A CLOSET LOCKED IN A CLOSET oh my god makorra matchmaking bolin is all i ever wanted i love you i love you i love you and also the thing where korra can’t look at mako and mako can’t look away IS SO CANON IT HAD BETTER BE OH MY GOD

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Should I continue? I guess I will: Mako scooted away from Asami as soon as Bolin let them go. The tension between them was obvious and Mako just wanted to pretend that their... thing... had never happened. He gazed at Korra, watching the tension build in her muscles. Sorrow was clear on his face, he knew that she wasn't the type to easily forgive. But he just wanted to catch her in his arms, twirl her, love her. He sighed and leaned on the wall, his eyes following every movement korra made.


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makorra prompt: in which jinora gives mako relationship advice and it actually works???


Sorry I didn’t show his conversation with Korra, I thought that would make it too long. But for this fic’s universe a least, spoiler alert! It works.

It was all over. The civil war between the Water Tribes had been settled with Tonraq as chief, and Korra had defeated Vaatu in the Harmonic Convergence, ensuring the dark spirit’s dormancy for the next ten thousand years. Everything had been resolved. 

Except for one little thing. 

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Korra laughed along with Bolin, his warmth seeping through her water-tribe clothes. But inside she squirmed, refusing to make eye contact with HIM. She couldn't feel his eyes on her and her heart dropped, knowing that his smile wasn't just for her. As Bolin let go, she slumped her shoulders again, keeping her gaze happy to avoid attention. She turned her back on Asami and him, choosing to engage in battle tactics with Tenzin. She wasn't aware of the golden eyes that bore holes in her shoulders.


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Prompt: It's Mako's birthday and Korra wants to do something especially romantic for him, but not really being the romantic type she fails miserably. Mako is just ridiculously happy for the attempt. Maybe a new tradition in their relationship is born out of it.


It was disaster, everything was a complete and total disaster. She looked at the clock, there was no time to try to fix anything else. The food, all of Mako’s favorite dishes, charred. The cake was lopsided and burned along the edges. The table and apartment were poorly decorated. The whole apartment smelled like smoke, despite her airbending the smoke out of window. Her clothes and skin smelled of smoke. She almost, only almost, wanted to cry.

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Prompt: Mako tells Korra a story to help her sleep.

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Title: Daydreaming
Summary: [Mako meets baby Korra in his dream one night in his jail cell | requested by elocinn | Makorra]
Words: 253

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» Makorra drabble


I find the fact boy-scout Mako gets bullied at work by idiot-mustache-men hilarious So naturally I had to humiliate him in front of his boss. 

A short makorra scene guest-staring Lin Beifong.  


Mako quickly shuffles through the documents stacked on the table. “If you’d wanted it earlier I could have just dropped it off at the station-“

“No need.” Lin’s voice is direct and clipped as per usual. “I was on my way back from a meeting,“ Mako paused. It almost sounded as though she wanted to save him the trip.

"And it’s not as though you have a life outside of work, figures you have it finished already."

Mako debates whether or not that’s a compliment when the bedroom door whips open and his heart stops.

“Mako, I’m starting to think I’d have more fun in here by mys- Hi! Cheif Beifong…um.” Korra freezes in the doorway pretending she is not in only a pair of –suggestively brief- panties and Mako’s shirt.

Lin makes every effort to hide her revulsion.

Eugh. You kids.” The Chief of Police indifferently takes the folder from between Mako’s loose fingertips and makes her exit, but not before calling, “Go easy on him Avatar, he’s scheduled downtown tomorrow, so make sure he can walk.”

Mako locks the door behind her, letting his forehead slam against it a few times in the process. From the bedroom Korra just laughs.


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Title: Little Things
Summary: [Pure, pregnant Makorra fluff | requested by anon | Makorra]
Words: 384

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