Iroh II and Asami by ~Purple-Meow

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when hopes and dreams are far away by ~alanna11

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Irosami: Much better by ~eevee06121992

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Irosami: Picture by ~eevee06121992

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Irosami by *Szajnie

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Irosami: After a long day… by ~eevee06121992

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Irosami (:

Cook: Iroh

Chores: Asami

Children: Two children, Satoshi and Azula Mika, both firebenders.

Dominant: Asami. Sooo Asami. 

Nonsexual: Driving or flying :D

Favorite Place: They go to Quong’s, like, twice a week. 

Traditions: They throw an anniversary party every year. 

Song: “This” by Ed Sheeran (pulled it out of my ass)

Holidays: They throw another party.

Honeymoon: Earth Kingdom countryside.

Meet: Uh, again, you saw it.

Pets: Nah. Asami isn’t an animal person.

Fights: They’re separated a lot, between her business and his military duties. 

Vacations: All over, because they can. Spend a lot of time in the Fire Nation with Iroh’s mum, though.

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“Would You Like To Stay Forever?”

YES I finally finished!!! I spent 3 days on this because I don’t know how to freaking draw General Iroh and paint a cherry blossom tree -.-“

It’s just a TLOK/Mulan crossover because both Asami and Mulan are so badass that they could get down to business and defeat the Huns together and also because Mulan is my favorite Disney movie.

This is basically at the very end of the movie in which Shang (Iroh) brings Mulan (Asami) back her helmet because she “forgot” it. Oh and that part when Mulan invited him to dinner, but her grandma says “Would you like to stay forever?!” Hahahah xD 


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Iroh II and Asami by ~Vikki93

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(Irosami 9) "Iroh!" Asami yelped as he moved faster against her, clutching her sides and burying his face along her neck. She dimly sensed that any passerby could catch them in the act, but somehow, that made everything more exciting. They moved with a dangerous rhythm until Asami moaned into Iroh's mouth as she tightened around him. The finish was something she had never known with...what was his name again? "Did you forget?" Iroh asked when it was through. "Absolutely," said Asami, breathless.


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(Irosami 8) When Asami slept with Mako, it was quick. Sweet. Hurried and unconfident. But Iroh--Iroh used his firebending to his advantage, heating and cooling the surface of Asami's skin. Iroh was varied, passionate, hungry. He stopped pumping his fingers against Asami and tangled them in her hair before entering her with a groan. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tossed her head back as he thrusted, shoving her against the car. He traced his teeth along her throat and shoulder...


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(Irosami 7) She gasped when his hands suddenly grew hotter. And she moaned when that heat contrasted with the cool wetness from his mouth between her thighs. And when he started spelling the letters of her name with his tongue over her entrance, she all but lost awareness of the world around her. His mouth was soon replaced with burning firebender hands so that he could focus his lips on the delicate skin of her breast. Pressed up against clouded windows, she was helpless against his touch...


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(Irosami 6) They kissed for awhile, Iroh's hands barely grazing her below the waist. She broke away at one point. "What are you waiting for? Get on with it," she panted. Iroh laughed lowly. "I have all night," he whispered. "I intend on making you forget you ever even met that other man." And with that he dug his fingers into the flesh of her hips and trailed hot kisses down her waist, teasing around where she needed him most. She writhed against the cool window, desperate for his touch...


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(Irosami 5) (dammit i forgot to do anon ._.) Her bare arms burned against the windows as he peeled off the rest of her shirt and dragged his teeth down her neck and across her collarbone. The Satomobile was cramped, but he damn well made room for falling jackets and robes. He pressed his bare chest into hers and looked at her, really looked at her. Those eyes. "Mako was an idiot to give you up," he said softly. "Less talk about Mako," breathed Asami before crushing her lips against his.


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(Irosami 4) Iroh gasped as Asami's lips and breath traveled from his ear down his throat and--her long fingers undid the clasp of his collar--down his chest. "Asami, I..." Asami sat up suddenly, her eyes downcast and her voice irritated. "Look, if you don't want to do this..." She trailed off looked to the side, expecting rejection. But all of the sudden she felt strong arms around her waist and a gravel voice whisper against her throat, "All right, Miss Sato. You got your wish."

Oh. Oh baby yes. 

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