About time… by ~missfilmfanatic

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LOK: So Warm… by ~hypercrabby

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Bolin and Korra - colored by ~smmorela

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Korra and Bolin by ~Cachiri

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My Sweetheart - Bolin and Korra by ~graziestardust

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» Borra Headcannon: Terrible Things

Bolin walked to the piano. His son Atal, a strong, tan, handsome, 15-year-old earthbender followed.

"Dad, is this another song about mom?" Atal groaned, for he heard him playing before.

"This isn’t just another song, it’s a story." Bolin said.

Bolin sat down on the piano stool, then, using earthbending a chair underneath his son, forcing him to sit.

Ever so slowly he put his hands on the keys. Thinking of Korra almost brought him to tears, but he forced himself to play, to sing… 

To remember.

He began to play the notes, they were beautiful, like her eyes. Soft, like her skin. Slow, like her kisses.

He didn’t need to write down the music or lyrics, they were engraved in his heart.

Once the intro was over he began to sing.

"By the time I was your age you’d give anything, to fall in love truly was all I could think. That’s when I met your mother the girl of my dreams, the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen."

Then he remembered the next moment.

* * *

She had just dumped Mako, and he looked at her with his leafy green eyes with love and want for her.

She turned around and saw him and their eyes matched to the same gaze, then they both blushed and looked away.

Korra thought about the feeling for a bit then looked back at him and began to speak.

She said “Bo can I tell you a wonderful thing? I can’t help but notice you staring at me.” She looked down, blushing. ”I know I shouldn’t say this but I really believe, I can tell by your eyes that you’re in love with me.” She finished.

He smiled that smile that says: “I am and always will be.” and they hugged and kissed.

* * *

He sang the chorus looking at Atal.

It went “Now son I’m only telling you this because life, can do terrible things.”

The next line of the song was happy but went on in a sad tone.

The memory was the same.

* * *

The years passed in their relationship and it just grew stronger.

They were finally old enough to drink and they made horrible use of it.

They often got drunk and did some things they shouldn’t have, to the point where some inappropriate contact was happening.

One day they were talking under the stars when Korra began to feel sick. So he took her home and she was vomiting a lot. He became worried so he took her to a healer.

The healer couldn’t find an illness but she found something else.

A baby.

She came out of the healing room to the waiting room where Bolin was.

"Oh my spirits." She said, holding her abdomen. 

Bolin stood up instantly. “Are you alright? Is it anything serious? Should I…” 

"I’m pregnant!" She interrupted.

Bolin began to sweat. 

"I know, I’m so screwed! I’m only in my 20s and I’ll never be a good enough m-" She was cut off by a slow soft kiss from Bolin.

When the kiss broke Bolin said, “I know you’ll be a great mom, and we’ll do this together, I promise.”

Korra smiled and said “Ok, our baby will be strong just like us, I know it.”

Korra had regular healer sessions from then on, but the last one held some thing tragic.

"So is my baby healthy?" Korra asked.

"Yes," The healer said, but then her voice switched to a sadder tone.

"but I’m a afraid you’re not." She said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Korra said nervously. 

"You have cancer, and 2 months to live." The healer said.

Korra began to cry.

"What will I tell Bolin!" She cried.

So she didn’t tell him anything.

A few weeks later they welcomed in their new son Atal into their family. He had Korra’s skin tone and Bolin’s green eyes and hair that was almost black like Bolin’s but had accents of Korra’s.

"The name Atal means unshakeable like his spirit will be." Bolin said, holding him for the first time.

"That’s the perfect name then." Korra replied.

They were out to dinner together with Atal when Bolin pulled out a necklace with lace, with a center jewel engraved with a water tribe symbol and a green rhinestone rim.

"Korra can I tell you a wonderful thing I  made you a present with paper and string. Open with care, now I’m asking you please, you know that I love you, will you marry me?"

* * *

He looked a Atal again to sing again

"Now son I’m only telling you this because life can do terrible things. You’ll learn one day, I hope and I pray, that god, shows you differently."

The memories kicked in again.

* * *

Korra looked sad. 

"What’s wrong?" Bolin asked.

She sighed and said  ”Bo can I tell you a terrible thing? It seems that I’m sick and I’ve only got weeks. Please don’t be sad ‘cause I really believe you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

Bolin fell to his knees crying.

Weeks went by and she grew weaker.

Three weeks had passed and he watched his true love say “Take good care of Atal, and always remember, I love you Bolin.” Then take her last breath.

"I love you too." He said.

* * *

Bolin sang at the verge of tears “So don’t fall in love there’s just too much to lose. If you’re given the choice then I’m begging you choose, to walk away, walk away, don’t let her get you. I can’t bare to see the same happen to you!”

He banged the keys on every of beat as he sang his last line, those same sad words…

"Now son I’m only telling you this because life…"

He paused just enough for a single tear to fall from his eye to the last key he hit and continued.

"Can do terrible things."

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borra: let your guard down by ~Zethia

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Bolin and Korra by *Sakura-Rose12

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To Stay in Your Arms by *JazzySatinDoll

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Bolin and Korra - colored by ~smmorela

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Borra with modern clothes.


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Borra is very, very cute.

Ahh I was sooo undecided what to ship when the whole feelings mess between Mako, Korra and Bolin happened… and then i just chose to ship everything.

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