Thank god nobody makes you do “what I did over summer vacation” essays in college, because then I’d have to explain to someone outside of the internet that I spent mine drawing minor characters from a saturday morning cartoon as a faux-kpop group. Of course, the Wolfbats are pretty much a boy band to begin with, so it’s not like this is much of a stretch :T

ANYWAY, YES, here you go: wolfbaT’s debut album. The idea and designs are from the lovely lemonorangelime, and thanks to everyone who contributed song name suggestions!

Korra is featured as a rapper on “Toe-to-Toe.” “Cinnamon Roll” is all about Shaozu’s delicious hairstyle. I couldn’t resist referencing “The Cave of Two Lovers” because that’s where literal wolf-bats are found in A:TLA. And, of course, Private Lessons actually exists, bless this fandom.

I spent… more time than necessary on this… @__@ /passes out