Avatar Kyoshi - Avatar Day - S2 Ep 5

I created Kyoshi Island so my people could be safe from invaders.

Y’know, it’s so interesting to me how the fandom has warped Kyoshi into some kind of bloodthirsty fiend who will rip your heart out of your chest while she feeds on your brain, when I don’t see that at all from the show. It’s like the fandom has created their headcanon of Kyoshi and made her seem that way just because of one line where she said she would’ve killed Chin to keep peace.

When you think about it, she was pretty chill and didn’t do much. This photoset even proves that she wasn’t really one to completely take action. What you have to take into account is that Kyoshi did absolutely nothing while Chin the Conqueror literally took over every single inch of the Earth Kingdom aside from Kyoshi’s peninsula and Ba Sing Se. You know that must’ve taken years. Years in which Kyoshi didn’t do a damn thing about it. 

Then, when confronted by the bad guy, all she really does is separate her island from him and drift off into the ocean basically being like “lol peace out”. If Chin wouldn’t have fallen into the water, sure she would’ve killed him, but she spent years ignoring the problem essentially, then didn’t even take action when he confronted her, opting to separate herself from him instead as to protect her people. So it’s just funny to me seeing people make her out to be this HBIC wild animal when she really didn’t do much at all and the most damage she did was blow off his clothes …

Yeah but our version is more fun.