1,000,000,000,000,000 reasons i ship makorra: they figure shit out together.

this falls under the very important “partnership” aspect of their relationship that i love, but i thought it warranted its own post because CAPS the way they act like a pair of detectives is adorable and hilarious. we see this first in episode three, where mako (the level-headed one) and korra (the illiterate one) figure out that the equalist leaflets form a puzzle! of a map! (ahaha that was cute.) 

and then, in the finale, they hatch that really really badly thought-ought plan to unmask amon at the rally. yeah, it wasn’t a very good plan, but the way they were completing each other’s sentences was super cute, and it shows that they’re pretty in-sync.

Korra: If we expose him as a bender in front of all his supporters…

Mako: at the rally…

Korra: …we could take away his true power!

Mako: And undermine his whole revolution!

and just the way they smile at each other when they figure things out is adorable. their personalities are very different, but when they work together, it’s wonderful… whoa, mako and korra should star in a buddy cop film.

but anyway, they’re shermako holmes and… korratson? watsorra? or velmako and daphnorra, that works too. 

Mako is Velma and not Fred. I love it.