Ugh, guys, you have no idea how much I love, love, LOVE kid!Lin now after today’s episode. Especially her relationship with Aang. It must’ve been so gloriously wonderful, I mean, just seeing the way she talks about “sweet-tempered” Aang makes me all warm and fuzzy and that she MUST have very fond memories of him. Who wouldn’t? IT’S AANG! Anyway, I wanted to do something quick before I crash into bed.

I may, or may not explore more of kid!Lin’s childhood. Probably with Toph, her moments with Tenzin, her learning how to master earthbending and metalbending. All that jazz.

For now, here’s jewelry making time.

#legend of korra #awww #you know aang would just be the ~favorite uncle~ #zuko would be the awkward one that hovers in the corner during reunions #mai would be the ~scary~ aunt who dresses in dark colors #sokka would be the goofy uncle #and all the kids probably just climb on his back and pull his beard and play with his boomerang #toph would be the badass aunt who shows off awesome bending moves #and all the kids are in total awe of her #KATARA would be the ~comforting~ ~wise~ bakes cookies and kisses booboos aunt #and aangy would be this fine guy right here #willing to play all their ~childish~ games and make ~flower necklaces~ #reinstating airball #settling fights between the kids #oh and suki would be a mix between katara and toph i think #i imagine her giving them little makeup playdate things