Korra did the one thing Aang couldn’t do.

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I remembered.

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try and tell me this show isnt on acid sometimes

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You`re in my veins and I cannot get you out x

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Can you seriously imagine what is going on his head right now? Here is the girl he loves with all his heart, who was born with a huge and dangerous burden on her shoulders, lying lifeless on the ground. Can you imagine his heart shattering apart at the thought of running to her, and finding her unable to wake up, anymore? Because honestly, I don’t think he can imagine his life, without her in it.

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friendly reminder that the first person who told korra she was worth something past being the avatar was mako

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i’m done

i give up

no more

i’m done

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ok i LITERALLY just threw up 

i can’t breathe

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i’m going to throw up

i’m crying so hard

book 2 doesn’t exist

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This made me laugh.

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There’s still a chance. They didn’t get Bumi.

Kya says this- they’re beaten and tied up and on the verge of the end of the world and all the benders in their group are tied up and it looks hopeless and thats what everyone is thinking

except Kya

because Kya knows her big brother

the big brother that taught her how to swordfight

and scared off her ‘suitors’ when they were kids

who kissed her on the forehead and asked her to be proud of him when he went off to join the United Forces

the big brother that’s a big doofus and has ridiculous stories and even though she makes a face she always listens because he’s Bumi and there’s actually a point to his stories

Kya had faith in her big brother, and it pays off.

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