i’m going to close the ask on here until i come back, so in the meantime, please come talk to me over at my personal!

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Then take your break. Sometimes it is good to take a step away and just relax and sort out things. Just take care :)

Thank you<3 Thank you all! Goodbye, for now.

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hiatus ahoy

i love you all

i’ll miss you

but i need to do this

i don’t know when i’ll be back, but until then …

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*hugs* there there darling, Makorra is going to be endgame. All shall be well in the end, just stay positive <3

i’m sure, but for now i really do need a break. 

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Are you gonna be okay sweetie?




i WILL be okay eventually but i think i really will step back from korra i became emotionally dependent (really really emotionally dependent like you wouldn’t believe) on the relationship between two animated morons and it was like i got shot in the throat and i don’t know what to do now i’m crying again i can’t deal with this i have a lot of shit in my life and makorra has gotten me through it and now they’re gone thinking about them physically hurts time to fire up tumblr savior

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i’m like THIS CLOSE to blacklisting Korra and taking a break, it just hurts too badly, at least for now.

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Let’s give Michael, Bryan, and all who worked with The Legend of Korra a standing ovation!


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So did you like the most recent episodes?

i loved them. 


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Thank you so much for tagging the spoilers. Sorry for yelling :3

you’re welcome! i’m sorry i forgot for a while there. 

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i’m so done

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It’s over. For good this time

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Things have changed so much since we’ve first met

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